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Get fleet vehicle detailing in Seattle, WA

Keeping an entire fleet of cars clean is no easy task. Fortunately, it’s not one you have to take on alone. Keep your business running smoothly and your vehicles looking great when you hire Final Touch Detail to take care of your detailing and cleaning needs. Call 425-643-1812 to speak with an experienced detailer about the size of your fleet and how often you’ll need cleaning and detailing services.

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3 reasons to hire Final Touch Detail to detail your fleet

If you’re located in the Bellevue or Seattle, WA area, we can bring our services to you. Hire Final Touch Detail because:

  1. We’ll save your company time.
  2. We’ll save your company money.
  3. We’ll enhance your company image.

Reach out to our detailing crew today to schedule your fleet detaining service.

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