Car Ownership Without the Hassle in Seattle, WA

We’ll detail your car, fill up your tank and repair your vehicle as needed

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When you work with Final Touch Detail, you can own a car without taking on many of the responsibilities that come with car ownership. A member of our trusted crew will handle the day-to-day tasks like:

  • Taking your car to the auto shop or dealership for scheduled maintenance or repairs
  • Cleaning and detailing your car
  • Filling up your tank with gas

Let us worry about your car while you spend your time on more important things, like running your business or enjoying your family. Call 425-643-1812 today to speak with a Final Touch Detail employee about the concierge services you need in Seattle, WA.

Final Touch Detail Car detail services

Stress-free vehicle maintenance in Seattle, Washington

There’s no need to worry about your vehicle ever again. When you trust Final Touch Detail, we take all the stress of car ownership off your plate. Reach out to our crew to schedule you concierge services as soon as possible.