Premium Motorcycle Detailing In Seattle

Whether you are selling your bike or simply want it looking its absolute best, a premium motorcycle detailing service from Final Touch Detail is the only way to go. Investing in an award-winning top-of-the-range detailing from us is the gift that keeps on giving. We are the number one motorcycle detailing garage in Seattle. We work hard every day to maintain the reputation that we have earned so when it comes time to give your bike the care and attention it deserves, choose the garage that will provide you with more.

Instant Dividends

At Final Touch Detail we firmly believe that honesty is the best policy. That is why when you invest in a motorcycle detail from us we will make it clear upfront how much it is going to cost. The dividends of this investment are both instant and long-lasting. Having your motorcycle professionally detailed not only leaves it looking better, but also increases its appeal in trade shows and adds significant resale value. A proper detailing needs a professional touch. A DIY job will get your vehicle somewhat clean, but a professional detailing will leave it looking as good as new.

How We Are Different

The main reason why our motorcycle detailing service stands out from the crowd is because of our attention to detail. That means that our detailing, which on average will last about five hours, will often take longer than other inferior services. But trust us, it is well worth the wait.

What Does Your Motorcycle Detail Look Like?

All of our motorcycle detailing takes place in a shaded area where direct sunlight is at a minimum. Our skilled technicians chose this location to minimize any potential damage to the paint work while being detailed. From there they will carefully remove the seat and leather saddlebags and place them securely aside. Our team will then make sure to cover the battery and exhaust pipe with plastic sheeting and rubber bands, a necessary step to protect the integrity of the bike during the detailing.

The first water applied to the bike will come in the form of a pre-rinse. This is just regular water and will remove any surface level dirt and grime. Our advanced water equipment allows us to focus different water strengths to different areas of the bike without damaging the paint work.

From there we use a chemical-free, refined soap to pre-clean the bike for more stubborn stains. The bike will then be dried and the individual section clean will begin. We will clean your vehicle's wheels, tires and spokes with an aluminum-free cleaning agent. From there, the dash will be cleaned with a lighter, less durable agent. The engine, chain and transmission will be detailed using a cleaning spray substance and the detail will be completed with a top-to-bottom polish before the leather seat and saddlebags are replaced.