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“Derek and his staff are honest and trustworthy and have provided us with exceptional service for our automobiles.”

- Martin Selig

“I would highly recommend Final Touch Detail, and I think Derek has done an outstanding job of taking care of his clients.”

– Brooke and Tom Pigott

“I have known Derek Anderson and been a client of Final Touch Detail for seven years. Derek and his staff have always done excellent work and they honor any commitment that have made.”

– Marc Zanner, Great Western Dining

“Final Touch Detail’s sponsorship and superb onsite staff made this event like no other.”

– Thomas Goldstein, The Service Board.

“I consider Mr. Anderson to be a very valuable asset. He operates his business and runs his crews with the utmost of integrity.”

– William "Billy the Kid" Schumacher

“My husband and I highly recommend Derek Anderson and his business, along with a depth of tremendous knowledge of auto detailing.”

– Jane Suzick.

“We anticipate continuing our services in the future and look forward to observing their continuing success.”

– Thomas E. Leavitt, Leavitt Capital Companies.

“Derek’s customer service is second to none and he has a fantastic reputation in the community.”

– Deric Mazzuca, Print Inc.

“I will continue to use and refer Derek and Final Touch Detail to all of my clients and enthusiastically urge you to consider his services as well.”

– Rob Schroedl, Phil Smart Mercedes Benz Center.

“I used the gift certificate that I won from the Sheraton Hotel in Bellevue and am so impressed with your service that I will be calling again when my car needs attention.”

– Jaime Martin, Events Coordinator.

“Their quality of work, commitment to service, and reliability must be applauded. Thanks for keeping me eye-catching!”

– Dr. Christian Cho, Chosen Chiropractor.

“We have found Derek Anderson and his employees to provide excellent care in the detailing of our automobiles, providing prompt, reliable and professional service.”

– Eric Jarvis, Conway & Jarvis LLC.

“Final Touch Detail is the only one I let clean my cars. I’ve sold 4 cars in the last 3 years and every one at a premium because of Derek’s team.”

– Jeff Collins, Professional Haberdasher